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Crime and Disorder Risk Strategies

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The City of Calgary

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Request for Proposal

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12:45:36 PM Alberta Time

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04:00:59 PM Alberta Time

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03:44:54 PM Alberta Time

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Open & Competitive

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R019F: Consulting Services
R019P: Threat and Risk Assessment Services
Category: Services
Potential vendors (bidders) may view the bid package here.

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Response Submission:

Bidding documents should be obtained from Merx as shown below. Bids are to be submitted via the Merx 4 online portal found at www.calgary.merx.com Hard copies will not be accepted. Failure to submit via Merx 4 will result in a non-compliant bid.
*Contractors must register on the Merx 4 portal.

Response Contact:

Alvarez, Elena
677-25th Ave SE
Calgary, AB T2G 4K8
Tel: (403)268-5807
Fax: 403-268-5523
Email: Elena.Alvarez@calgary.ca

Response Specifics:

Opportunity Description:

The City of Calgary (The City) requires a qualified consulting firm to provide a detailed and thorough Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) Review in the Central Memorial Park area and immediate area of this park including Haultain School.
The City is looking for strategies for dealing with public consumption of alcohol or drugs in a park and what is required for balance between an enforcement strategy versus tolerance, understanding or any other non-enforcement method.