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SAP Software Maintenance and Support

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The City of Calgary

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Solicitation Type:

Notice of Intent

Posting (MM/dd/yyyy):

09:12:39 AM Alberta Time

Closing (MM/dd/yyyy):

04:00:59 PM Alberta Time

Last Update (MM/dd/yyyy):

09:12:39 AM Alberta Time

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Opportunity Type:

Open & Competitive

Commodity Codes:

JX7010BA: Computers, Digital Turnkey Systems, Mini/Super Micro (Includes Applicating Software) - Maintenance
JX7010A: Computers, Digital Systems, Large Scale (May Include Operating System Software) - Maintenance
JX7010AC: Computers, Digital Systems, Mini/Super Micro (May Include Operating System Software) Other Than IBM Plug Compatible - Maintenance
JX7010B: Computers, Digital Turnkey Systems, Large Scale (Includes Application Software) - Maintenance
JX7010AA: Computers, Digital Systems, Large Scale (May Include Operating Systems Software) other than IBM Plug Compatible - Maintenance
JX7010AF: Computers, Digital Systems, Personal/Portable (May Include Operating System Software) IBM Compatible - XT, AT, 386 (Non GATT Requirements) - Maintenance
JX7010BB: Computers, Digital Turnkey Systems, Personal/Portable (Includes Application Software - Maintenance
JX7010AB: Computers, Digital Systems, Mini/Super Micro (May Include Operating System Software) - Maintenance
JX7010AG: Computers, Digital Systems, Personal/Portable (May Include Operating System Software) other than IBM Compatible - Maintenance
Category: Services
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Response Submission:

Bidding documents should be obtained from MERX as show below. Bids are to be submitted via the MERX 4 online portal found at www.calgary.merx.com Hard copies will not be accepted. Failure to submit via MERX 4 will result in a non-compliant bid.
*Contractors must register on the MERX 4 portal.

Response Contact:

Kanderka, Calvin
The City of Calgary
677 25th Ave SE - Manchester Centre - Building U - 2nd Floor
Calgary, Alberta T2P 2M5
Tel: 403-268-4562
Email: Calvin.Kanderka@calgary.ca

Response Specifics:

Opportunity Description:

The City of Calgary (“The City”) is proceeding with the following acquisition:

Scope of Project:

The City purchased Business Objects from Business Objects Corporation in 2001 for Integrated Business Information Systems (IBIS) for Data Warehousing. Business Objects Corporation was purchased by SAP AG in 2007. Originally SAP Canada Inc. sold software maintenance and support through licensed resellers. The City purchased software maintenance and support for SAP products through its reseller SHI. In 2018, SAP Canada Inc. discontinued this practice and only provides software maintenance and support directly.

This sole source procurement is intended to solely address continued support of existing software including product upgrades and security patches, but excludes items such as new software solutions, implementation, professional services, new or additional licensing, or additional modules.

Sole source provider will be subject to performance reviews.

Notice is hereby given by The City of Calgary (“The City”) of its intent to enter into contract with SAP Canada Inc. for the provision of SAP software annual maintenance and support services.

The estimated budget for the ongoing maintenance and support services is $750,000 CAD (excluding GST) for the contract period. Maintenance and support services will be renewable annually from 2020 January 01 to 2025 December 31. Support will be reviewed annually by The City if required.

It is the intent of The City to award this contract for the following reason(s):

1. The New West Trade Partnership Agreement (NWTPA) Part V Exceptions, section C Government Procurement item 2 exemption (g) where it can be demonstrated that only one supplier is able to meet the requirements of a procurement, applies:

2.The Canada Free Trade Agreement Article 513(c) for additional deliveries by the original supplier of goods or services that were not included in the initial procurement, if a change of supplier for such additional goods or services:
(i) cannot be made for economic or technical reasons such as requirements of interchangeability or interoperability with existing equipment, software, services, or installations procured under the initial procurement; and
(ii) would cause significant inconvenience or substantial duplication of costs for the procuring entity, applies;

3. There is currently no budget to invest in new solutions and since implementation The City has made significant investments in the system and in training of employees and continued software maintenance/ support is mandatory and critical.

4. Software maintenance and support and subscription renewal is only available directly from Intellectual Property (IP) Owner and all software must interoperate with existing equipment and software.