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Opportunity Notice

Prequalification for Prime Contractor for Construction Projects

Opportunity Information


Pincher Creek

Organization Address:

962 St John Ave
Po Box 159
Pincher Creek, AB
T0K 1W0

Reference Number:


Solicitation Number:    


Solicitation Type:

Invitation to Pre-Qualify

Posting (MM/dd/yyyy):

09:27:31 AM Alberta Time

Closing (MM/dd/yyyy):

02:00:00 PM Alberta Time

Last Update (MM/dd/yyyy):

08:57:01 AM Alberta Time

Agreement Type:


Region of Opportunity:


Region of Delivery:


Opportunity Type:

Open & Competitive

Commodity Codes:

5179FB: General Contractor Services, Not Elsewhere Specified
5163B: Building Gas System (Medical/Industrial) Contractors
5131BB: Paving Contractor Services (except Mud Jacking)
5155E: Welding Contractor Services
5164AB: Electrical Contractor Services, Class A Licence
R201DF: Services of Individuals - Mechanical and Electronic Contractors
5169P: Mechanical Contractor Services, Not Elsewhere Specified
5161AK: Pipe Insulations, Contractors
5154AC: Drilling Contractors - Cement Floors and Walls
5131BH: Paving Contractor Services - Mud Jacking
Category: Services
Potential vendors (bidders) may view the bid package here.

Interested vendors (bidders) who wish to submit a response to this opportunity should register their interest by downloading the document(s) from the bid package.

Response Submission:

962 St John Ave Pincher Creek
Town Office

Response Contact:

Department, Operations
Town of Pincher Creek
Box 159
Town of Pincher Creek, Alberta T0K1W0
Tel: 403-627-3156
Fax: 403-627-4784
Email: ops@pinchercreek.ca

Response Specifics:

The Town will receive sealed Documents, marked RFQual # PCRK-17-051 and addressed and delivered to:
Operations Department
Town of Pincher Creek
962 St. John Avenue
Box 159
Pincher Creek, Alberta, T0K 1W0
Prior to 4:00:00 P.M. local time daily until December 31th, 2017.
The Town will not be responsible for any cost incurred in the preparation or presentation of the submission documents as a result of this request for prequalification.
The use of Prequalified List of Contractors shall go into effect on March 27, 2017 @ 2:00 p.m. local time. No contract will be awarded to any Proponent as a result of this request for prequalification.
Only prequalified Proponents at the time a tender release, shall be invited during a tendering process on future construction work.

Opportunity Description:

The Town of Pincher Creek is regularly upgrading and constructing new municipal infrastructure to improve and provide the necessary level of service for the Towns’ residents. The need for effective and streamlined procurement of construction services is paramount to the execution of municipal infrastructure projects in the Town.
To facilitate and expedite the procurement of construction services, the Town of Pincher Creek is inviting Prime Contractors to submit qualification documents for consideration of construction services and works for the Town of Pincher Creek. Prime Contractors will be prequalified for select types of construction works and categories. Only prequalified contractor will be invited to provide quotes or tenders for future projects.
This document will provide prequalification for the following types of work:
• Infrastructure, Roadworks and Earthworks Bridgework
• Street Lighting
• Facilities/Buildings Construction
• Water & Wastewater Construction – Utilities & Facilities
This is an on-going prequalification and submissions will be accepted throughout 2017.