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Parks, Trails and Open Spaces Master Plan

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High River

Organization Address:

Reference Number:


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Solicitation Type:

Request for Proposal

Posting (MM/dd/yyyy):

04:00:22 PM Alberta Time

Closing (MM/dd/yyyy):

03:00:00 PM Alberta Time

Last Update (MM/dd/yyyy):

01:52:20 PM Alberta Time

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Opportunity Type:

Open & Competitive

Commodity Codes:

5154C: Paving - Parking Areas
B208A: Area Resource Development (Regional Planning)
R199LA: Operations Planning
T004AB: Public Relations Planning and Development
R199F: Administrative Management and Planning Services
M190B: Asset Management Plans (AMP)
K107B: Landscape Counselling and Planning
5111A: Construction Site Planning
Category: Services
Potential vendors (bidders) may view the bid package here.

Interested vendors (bidders) who wish to submit a response to this opportunity should register their interest by downloading the document(s) from the bid package.

Response Submission:

Town of High River
309B Macleod Trail SW
High River, AB T1V 1Z5
Attn: Kim Unger

Response Contact:

Unger, Kim
Parks Remediation and Recovery Lead
309B Macleod Trail SW
High River, Alberta T1V1Z5
Tel: 403-336-0864
Email: kunger@highriver.ca

Response Specifics:

Proposals should be in both paper and electronic format. Proponents should submit three (3) hard copies of their proposal (including one unbound copy for photocopying) plus an electronic copy on a memory stick or USB indicating the RFP Title and Closing Date to the following address by:
3:00 p.m. p.m. (Mountain Time) July 25, 2019:
Town of High River
309B Macleod Trail
High River, AB
Attention: Kim Unger

Opportunity Description:

The Town of High River ("High River") is inviting proposals for a stipulated price solution for the design, supply and installation of a pedestrian crossing signal (the "Work")

The Master Plan process should be approached collaboratively with the community,
stakeholders, and Staff; and the project schedule should provide adequate time for each
project component, including working with community members, Town staff, facilitating public
participation, data gathering and analysis, document preparation, and reviews by key

The goal of the Master Plan is to Develop a comprehensive, 10-year, master plan that includes but is not limited to the following;

1. Assess High River’s greenspace, parkland, playgrounds and facilities, natural areas and trails assets and inventory to ascertain whether the current and anticipated future needs of the community are being met. Identify and prescribe acquisition strategies for playgrounds, and other outdoor community amenities (wildlife corridors, riparian areas, agricultural land buffers, etc)
2. Prioritize capital parks and trails projects to guide long- range financial planning and funding assistance applications
3. Provide a list of relevant grants that would be consistent with capital improvements
4. Prepare a schedule of improvements to upgrades to the parks and trails and natural areas network
5. Present a parks and trails strategy that best serves the public interest and creates a sustainable community that supports alternatives to vehicle transportation
6. Integrate the plan with parks and trails outside the boundaries of the Town
7. Define Park categories consistent with the City of Calgary
8. Prescribe a standard for the type, number and quality of the asset (i.e. play structures, washrooms, benches, garbage cans) within each park category
9. Review of the High River’s Parkland and Greenspaces policy statements and recommend appropriate draft policy amendments for Council’s consideration
10. Propose policy statements for Council’s consideration that could be used to amend the Town Plan to support the recommendations of acquisition, development and redevelopment of parkland, natural areas, trails and corridors
11. A section of this document will contain a natural areas management plan and a wildlife management plan taking into account the wildlife already present and the objectives and goals we have regarding the future of wildlife and natural areas