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Opportunity Notice

Motor Grader 2019

Opportunity Information

This opportunity will close in 3 days, 6 hours.


High River

Organization Address:

Reference Number:


Solicitation Number:    


Solicitation Type:

Request for Proposal

Posting (MM/dd/yyyy):

08:10:36 AM Alberta Time

Closing (MM/dd/yyyy):

04:00:00 PM Alberta Time

Last Update (MM/dd/yyyy):

08:10:36 AM Alberta Time

Agreement Type:


Region of Opportunity:


Region of Delivery:


Opportunity Type:

Open & Competitive

Commodity Codes:

N3805: Earthmoving and Excavating Equipment
N3805D: Graders, Road, Motorized
Category: Goods
Potential vendors (bidders) may view the bid package here.

Interested vendors (bidders) who wish to submit a response to this opportunity should register their interest by downloading the document(s) from the bid package.

Response Submission:

640 - 7 Street NW
High River, AB
T1V 1R2

Response Contact:

Henry, Gary
309B Macleod Trail SW
High River, AB T1V 1Z5
Tel: 403 652-4657
Fax: 403 601-8692
Email: ghenry@highriver.ca

Response Specifics:

Proposals shall be in paper and electronic format. Proponents should hand deliver four (4) hard copies of their proposal plus an electronic copy on a memory stick or USB indicating the RFP title and Closing Date to the following address by 4:00 p.m. (Mountain Time) on Friday June 21 / 2019:

If you require additional time to submit your proposal, you should contact Gary Henry by e-mail to ghenry@highriver.ca. High River may, in its sole discretion, allow additional time for proponents to submit a proposal.

All inquiries should be in writing and received by High River on or before June 14 / 2019 at 4:00pm (Mountain Time).

Equipment Demonstrations are to be arranged with the Utilities & Fleet Supervisor before the RFP closing date and completed no later than Friday June 28 / 2019, unless otherwise agreed upon.

Opportunity Description:

The Town of High River ("High River") is inviting proposals from qualified dealers to supply a Motor Grader (the "Equipment"). Proposals for new and used machines with a maximum of 500 total hours and no older than 2 years of age will be accepted. Alternative options to outright purchasing such as leasing and guaranteed buy backs will also be considered.