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Opportunity Notice

Safety Codes Services

Opportunity Information


Pincher Creek

Organization Address:

Box 159
962 St. John Avenue
Pincher Creek, Ab
T0K 1W0

Reference Number:


Solicitation Number:    


Solicitation Type:

Request for Proposal

Posting (MM/dd/yyyy):

03:35:09 PM Alberta Time

Closing (MM/dd/yyyy):

10:00:00 AM Alberta Time

Last Update (MM/dd/yyyy):

03:47:29 PM Alberta Time

Agreement Type:


Region of Opportunity:


Region of Delivery:


Opportunity Type:

Open & Competitive

Commodity Codes:

H300E: Construction Inspection Services
H900A: Other Construction Quality Control, Testing, Inspect. and Tech. Services
Category: Services
Potential vendors (bidders) may view the bid package here.

Interested vendors (bidders) who wish to submit a response to this opportunity should register their interest by downloading the document(s) from the bid package.

Response Submission:

Box 159
962 St. John Avenue
Pincher Creek, Ab
T0K 1W0

Response Contact:

Goss, Lisa
Administrative Manager
Box 159
Pincher Creek, Alberta T0K 1W0
Tel: 403-627-3156
Email: adminmanager@pinchercreek.ca

Response Specifics:

Your organization is hereby invited to submit a proposal for the provision of Safety Codes Services in the Building discipline to the Town of Pincher Creek, as detailed in this Request for Proposal.

Request for Proposal: # 2017-A01
Description: Safety Codes Services in the Building Discipline
Date Issued: March 13, 2017
Closing Date: April 26, 2017
Closing Time: 10:00 AM mst

This Request for Proposal does not commit the Town of Pincher Creek to award a contract or pay any costs incurred in the preparation of a proposal, or attendance at any meetings with municipal staff relative to this proposal.

Opportunity Description:

Proponent’s bids will be based on the Uniform Quality Management Plan attached as Schedule ‘A’ and forming part of this Request for Proposal. Proponents are required to detail their organization’s ability to satisfy, at minimum, all aspects of the requirements as outlined in this section.

A. Permit Issuance

B. Compliance Monitoring

C. Permit Closure

D. Required Permits: How the proponent will ensure that all development obtains the required Safety Codes Permits.

E. Availability: How the proponent will make Safety Codes Officers available for consultation with Municipal departments including but not limited to the Planning and Development Department, Fire Department, Engineering Department etc.

F. Order Procedures: How the proponent will undertake enforcement action if necessary.

G. Training: Proponent’s bids must include information relative to training including but not limited to:

Training to ensure that the proponent’s Safety Codes Officers and other organization employees receive all professional development and educational upgrades necessary to maintain their certification and designation.

Training for the proponent’s Safety Codes Officers and other organization employees with respect to the Town of Pincher Creek’s QMP.

Continued training and support for the Planning and Development Services department with respect to the issuance of permits, the proponent’s service delivery model and methodologies, etc.

Orientation for the remaining members of the Planning and Development Department, with respect to the Safety Codes Act, the issuance of permits, process, etc.

H. Transition Plan: How will the transition of Safety Code Services to the Agency will be managed.

I. Data Management : How does the proponent propose to manage records and what type of computer equipment and database does the proponent own or employ.